When we say Big Days, what we really mean is, “HUGE days don´t forget your head torch!”

Even though these mountains are not huge they do start from very close to sea level and at the top they just continue in a scrambling fashion. The biggest route is a combination on the Puig Campana with a staggering 1400m of graded rock climbing and scrambling. When you start measuring the routes in kilometres you just know it´s HUGE!

Or perhaps a multi route day on Europe’s tallest sea stack, at  332m and routes up to 450m long it is more than twice the hieght of the Old Man of Hoy, the tallest sea stack in Brittain.

There are crags not in the guide book with routes on them upto 600m. All this is on our door step within 30 minutes drive.

“We believe that we are one of the most flexible climbing course providers around, this is due to the fact that we emply local guides and we own the accommodation for the Spanish courses. If you dont see anything in our timetable that fits then get in touch, we can move things around, swop bits from one course to the other,offer different venues etc. After 8 years of working this way we can find something that fits just want you are looking for”.

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