Gorge walking holidays

The sedimentary limestone of the Costa Blanca has in places been worn into vast deep gorges. These gorges are know locally as Barrancos, and have been explored and exploited since the Moors invaded Spain in  800AD. Today these barrancos get regular descended and have modern equipment, usually glue in bolted abseil stations and short via ferrata sections where needed.

We regularly guide on 4 gorges but there are many more.

Barranco del Inferno 1 & 2: This is perhaps the best know gorge on the Costa, it takes a whole day to complete,  has many short abseils up to 10m in height and a short Via Ferrata at the end. Well worth a day of any ones holiday.

Echo Barranco: This is perhaps on of the shortest and easiest barrancos, with short abseils up to 5m in height which can all be down climb for a competent climber. It is also more or less road side. Idea for your first time or with children.

Siglo XVII: Is a whole day of scrambling with no rope work for the climber or a simple via ferrata top roped down climb at the start for the non climber. If always has at less some water in it. Although this barranco does get descended regularly it maintains a remote and wild feel to it. Snakes, small mammals and eagles  are all prolific here.

Abdet: This is the wettest with usually enough water to made some quite spectacular jumps into deep water. Best done on a sunny day, and takes half a day, but it will feel like you have done a whole day.

“We believe that we are one of the most flexible climbing course providers around, this is due to the fact that we emply local guides and we own the accommodation for the Spanish courses. If you dont see anything in our timetable that fits then get in touch, we can move things around, swop bits from one course to the other,offer different venues etc. After 8 years of working this way we can find something that fits just want you are looking for”.

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