Do I need a car?

If you are coming to climb then we usually say yes you will need a car, the closet crag is a 30 minute drive away. However we offer an airport pickup service and as the house always has climbers staying then people can manage to get to the crags by car sharing. You can get a bus from the airport to Benidorm every house if during the day, and a taxi to the house for a reasonable amount.

The choice for hire cars is very large and you need to shop around, they work out prices based on stock they have left so they can always differ from week to week.

Be careful of extra insurance charges and fuel etc

Here are a few that we have used in the past.

Economy Car Hire Ltd

Tiger Car Rental

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Guide to Driving in Spain

During the summer months nothing is better than driving around the coastal roads of Spain, convertibles are a great but expensive option with very limited supply. If you end up hiring something more practical, make sure it’s got air conditioning.

It’s easy to forget with all the excitement of going on holiday, your plane landing and picking up your car that the Spanish drive on the right hand side of the road. Generally there are lots of friendly signs reminding you around the airport. It’s when you are leaving a petrol station or just had a great meal in a restaurant that you tend to forget or get a bit confused. Try to relax, be vigilant and you should be fine. Oh, and it’s always good to remember you go anti-clockwise on the roundabouts.

You may not realise it, but in Spain the pedestrian has the right of way at road crossings. Some drivers like to ignore this but we recommend that you always stop; steep fines could await you if you get caught, let alone upset locals.

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