Working at The Orange House

Since we opened in 2003 we have had an amazing group of people work at the house in exchange for board. Many jobs would never have been completed if it wasn’t for all these extra pairs of hands. We call these great people “Oranges”.

What do I do? All we ask is that you work 2.5 hours for every night that you stay at the house. The minimum amount of time that you must stay is 2 weeks, this allows you to fit into a routine. The work involves all sorts of things to keep the house running well. Cleaning, gardening, washing bedding, taking rubbish away etc etc. If the house has a great team then the work can be done early morning which then allows you the whole day to get out and climb. We allocate out the roles and ask you to stick to that role for one week and then swop over, if you want to go climbing for the day then we ask you to swop with another “orange”.

Where do I sleep? – Accommodation during your stay can be an issue as the house can be fully booked a few times each month. We have a large supply of tents which anyone can use and mattresses, so all you would need to bring would be a sleeping bag. Food is always left over as people buy way too much, some “oranges” have not bought any food for weeks and lived on great left overs!

Can I climb? Within reason the “oranges” get to climb as much as they want, sometimes it might be a case of asking guests for a lift to the crag, or spending a few nights at the other locations, or you can always hire a car if you really want to make sure that you get out on the rock!

I have a skill – If you have a specific skill say a plumber, tiler etc then we can pay your flight and help with the stay.  We like to constantly update the rooms so there is usually an area that needs attention. Please get in touch with

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