Climbing Areas

Rock Climbing in Spain just doesnt get any better than here on The Costa Blanca.  True Mountain routes, sea cliffs, Sport climbing to keep you busy for years the choice goes on and on. Here are some Rock Climbing areas close to The Orange House. Rock Climbing areas local to us.

Sella 15 minutes drive this is one of the most established and popular crags on the Costa Blanca. With 220 routes best grades from 5 to 8b.

Pirates sea cliffs 20 minutes drive. A stunning sea cliff with spectacular rock architecture. With 23 toutes best grades 6a+ to 7c.

Toix 20 minutes drive. This peninsula is perhaps one of the best easy crags, and very popular because of it. Single and multi-pitch routes it even has an exposed ridge scramble to escape. With 174 routes, best grades 4 to 6a. .

Gandia 50 minutes drive. This inland crag of single pitch steep tufa covered walls. Can be polished and busy at times. With 178 routes best grades 6a to 7b.

Via Ferratas The Costa Blanca seems to be sprouting these faster than we can write topos for them! There are now 6. Check out the mini guide PDF.

Ridges & Scrambles These have been popular with the locals for a long time but visiting sport climbers have tended to over look them. Check out the mini guide PDFs.

Echo Valley 10 minutes drive.  A south east facing valley with a wide variety of routes both single and multi-pitch routes. With 163 routes, best grades 3 to 8a.

“We believe that we are one of the most flexible climbing course providers around, this is due to the fact that we emply local guides and we own the accommodation for the Spanish courses. If you dont see anything in our timetable that fits then get in touch, we can move things around, swop bits from one course to the other,offer different venues etc. After 8 years of working this way we can find something that fits just want you are looking for”.


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