Echo Valley

The Valley sits just 15 minutes from the Orange House the N332 and A7 motorway. The area is split into 4 main areas all offering very good climbing with all grades and length. The cliffs face south and get the sun early, they also loose the sun mid to later afternoon because of the shadow cast by the Ponoch.

Check out the mini guide PDFs.


Echo Topos

Echo Playa: Is the first outcrop with routes in the 4 to 6a+ range all the routes can be done with a 60m rope, but three lines have been extended to get the most off of the cliff.

Echo 1: Is the first big crag which meets the road, particularly good for short sport climbing on the lower left side and multi-pitch traditional routes on the far right lines up to 100m. With the routes that go to the top it is possible to scramble to the top of the hill to see the Moorish (Arab) fort. This gives it a mountaineering feel, all be it a road side one!

Echo1.5: Now has 21 new routes! This roadside crag was bolted by us as an introduction crag and has proved very popular.  Log on to downloads for the new version topo for free! Single pitch 12m to 32m grades 3 to 6b.

Echo 2: The dominating peak at the head of the valley, is slowing being reequipped. Updates and new routes are in the download for Echo 1.5. Some very good single pitch sport climbing and new multi-pitch sport.

“We believe that we are one of the most flexible climbing course providers around, this is due to the fact that we emply local guides and we own the accommodation for the Spanish courses. If you dont see anything in our timetable that fits then get in touch, we can move things around, swop bits from one course to the other,offer different venues etc. After 8 years of working this way we can find something that fits just want you are looking for”.
Course Date Venue Days Cost
Into Sport 6th June Costa Blanca 5 £485.00
Intro Trad 14th June North Wales 3 £295.00
Intro Trad 25th June SW UK 5 £485.00
Improvers Sport 5th July Portland 3 £295.00
Sea Cliffs 12th Aug Cornwall 3 £295.00
Intro Trad 26th Aug Cornwall 5 £485.00
Improvers Sport 6th Sep Costa Blanca 5 £485.00
Intro Trad 12th Sep Costa Blanca 5 £485.00
Into Sport 27th Sep Costa Blanca 5 £485.00
Sea Cliffs 3rd Oct Cornwall 3 £295.00

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