Rock climbing at Sella

Rock climbing at Sella

Sella is one of the oldest and largest climbing areas on the Costa Blanca. Split into 4  main area of Central Rhino, Hidden valley, Divino and the Darkside (Rosalia) New crags….. Central Rhino Area: The most popular crag by far with routes in the 3 to 8b range. The easier routes are very polished and perhaps harder for it. The best climbing is in the 6a to 7a range. Mostly single pitch routes which are well bolted being maintained by the Refugio team. Hidden Valley: One of the most important crag on the Costa. This crag has had access problems but they seem to be resolved now and new routing has boomed over the last 3 years more than doubling the number of lines. Grades from 6c to 8c+ perhaps the Costas first 9a will be here! Best grades 7b to 8b. North facing and stays dry in the rain, but after prolonged rain can seep. Divino: This majestic face is blatantly obvious as you drive towards the area. The lines are mix of trad and sport, with 20-60 minute walk in making it is not the most popular venue. The routes tend to be vertical and crimpy and 300m long.Worth a visit once you´ve climbed out the rest of Sella or on a very busy day. Scrambling the descent route is a good day out. Darkside (Rosalia): This is the area opposite the Central Rhino area which faces North and gets very litle sun. So best to climb there when it´s too hot to climb else where. Routes up to 100 in the 6b to 7b range. There are 4 new areas being developed as you read this. But we´ll have to wait for more info, Sorry ;O)

Two new easier routes where bolted by TOH staff last year:

Tech Del Rino, right of “El Torronet” is “Banco impopular” 5 & Culo de Rino, left of “sense Novetat is “Samantha Ann” 5

A new area is under development and topos will be available soon, grades for 4 to 7b so far.

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