Rock Climbing Courses

Guided rock climbs

We offer a wide range of rock climbing courses and adventure holidays from £485 for 7 nights 5 days.

From September to May we mainly operate out of the Orange House on the Costa Blanca.

From May to September when it is too hot to climb in Southern Spain, we can be found, well more or less any where in the world! From guided climbs on the sea stacks of the Scottish Islands to leading expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh in South America.

We believe that we are the most flexible climbing course provider around. We employ local guides and as we own the accommodation we can control all aspects of our requirements. If you don’t see any dates that fit on the diary then please get in touch and see what we can do. After 8 years of working this way, trust us to find you a perfect solution.

You can click on each course for more details…..



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