Bolting Workshop

The Orange House staff have placed over 3500 bolts and over 350 lower offs.

Where better to learn the dark art of bolt protection placement. This course is run over a weekend, or in conjuction with the aid climbing course.


Types of bolts and their pros and cons.

Placement you will be placing many bolts.

Types of drills, batteries & petrol with their pros and cons.

Drill bits types pros and cons.

Equipment management systems whilst bolting routes and abseil stations.

Aiding whilst on self top rope or lead.

This is a specialist course which only runs with four or more people, can be run at any time during our standard season from Sept to June.


We believe that we are the most flexible climbing course provider around. We employ local guides and as we own the accommodation we can control all aspects of our requirements. If you don’t see any dates that fit on the diary then please get in touch and see what we can do. After 8 years of working this way, trust us to find you a perfect solution.


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