Multi-pitch Climbing

If there is something the Costa Blanca excels at it is Multi-pitch climbing!

This course which can run from one day to a full 5 day holiday is aimed at introducing people to multi-pitch climbing and increasing their effectiveness on long routes.

The benefits are enormous, a more relaxed climb allowing you to soak up the situation, a faster ascent avoiding those costly time mistakes that can catch you out and leave you climbing in the  dark.

It is the next step for those climbers who have some experience on single pitch but are looking to expand the skills.

Elements of this course go well with Big Days and Costa Classics.

We believe that we are the most flexible climbing course provider around. We employ local guides and as we own the accommodation we can control all aspects of our requirements. If you don’t see any dates that fit on the diary then please get in touch and see what we can do. After 8 years of working this way, trust us to find you a perfect solution.


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