On the 19th of April this year, 2019, Rich and Sam will have owned “The Orange House” for 16 years, crikey thats a long time! What it quite scary is that each year they find a better way to run things and notice that something can be renovated and or improved.

Great new sign up high!
Nice garden area at the front of house!

This year Managers Niall and Charly did a second term and they both have a real “arty eye” and really got stuck into the landscaping and making nice touches to the place. They have also made some major changes to the campsite and the van parking area.

The house has also been lucky to have some very handy “oranges”. So when Sam visits everyone now and again and makes longs list of “things to do”, they just crack on and tick away.

“Oranges” working hard on Van Packing area.
A wall with very special meaning, ask why when you visit.
Some of the really funky special touches from this year.

A new kitchen had been discussed for years and years as the exisiting one is too small and thin and the major issues is, it is falling away from the main house. It was an extension done many years ago before the purchase was made and very Spanish it has no foundations. That is why it has been sinking for maybe 10 years and pulling the front of the house with it!

As it was always hard to do major work whilst the house was occupied a new location was needed and one day Sam stood at the back of the house at the BBQ area and it was a light bulb moment.

Old walls down!

The plan is to have this new kitchen finished for the summer rental season. It will be very large and hopefully much easier when so many people want to use it at the same time.

The old kitchen will then be pulled down and a new window in the dining room will be installed, That will allow an amazing view of Puig from inside. Some people dont like change, but I am sure you will all agree that changes like this are quite different and welcomed.