Without the “orange” scheme we would not be what we are today and we really value the time given to us from some really amazing people in the past!

Work is mainly cleaning rooms and communal areas, bathrooms, toilets but we like people to be flexible and be an hand for whatever is needed.

Gardening depending on what the state of the land is at the time of your visit.

Making beds.

Answering guests questions about the area, climbing, shopping you name it they ask it!

Empty the bins and recycle. Keep an eye on the place.

The time asked for is around 3 hrs each day 7 days a week! You can do all the work in a few days or do it each day. If you are clever and arrange your time properly you can then have plenty of time to go climbing or to rest!


A few years ago we made the mistake of having too many “oranges” all at the same time and it didnt work as they formed a “pack”. This meant they didnt socialise with the guests and they all wanted to climb at the same time!

They also treated the place too much like “home” and I found we needed an “orange” to clean up after the “oranges”. As you can imagine that was a pain in the arse and I asked them all to leave at the same time and said no more would be working here!

I have mellowed a tad since then and the last few seasons with a select few it has worked well. This winter season will be the same and we hope that people that come realise how important they are to the whole feel and vibe.

Min time period is 2 weeks, this allows us to plan around the roles needed and for you to get a feel for the place.

Accommodation can be an issue depending on how busy the house is. We have a dedicated basic bunkroom, but that can sleep upto 5/6 people. If you would like to be private then bring a tent. If the house is quiet you can take a room aslong as cleaned afterwards.Maximum stay is as long as you want really, as long as the manager agrees!

Catering, you have the use of the outdoor camping kitchen, now this is where things can not get messy, as you MUST clean up as you go! We do find that lots of people leave food behind, so if you are on a tight budget then you can manage by spending very little money.

Climbing, the manager has the use of a staff car so you might be lucky and get a lift to the crags, another option is to make friends with the guests and get lifts with them (please offer to help with fuel even if they say no).

Anyone interested please get in touch, if you use facebook then drop us a message and I can put you in direct contact with the Manager and he can chat about when we need people etc etc